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 The Bravo Legacy

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PostSubject: The Bravo Legacy   Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:38 am

(This is for you, D)

Welcome to the S.C.A.F Official Database Logs!

Login Required:

Username: ***** *******

Password: *****


Access Granted! Welcome back, *****!

> Access S.C.A.F Personnel Files



Found! Type a registration number, or name to continue!

> Search J. Roland


Opening Personnel File...

Property of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces, for authorized eyes only.

Personal Information

Given Name: John

Middle Name(s): Leon

Sirname: Roland

Maiden Name: Fall

Age: 27

Facial Description: Short brown hair and blue eyes. No facial hair and no environmental features.

Medical Information

Height: 6'0" (72 Inches)

Weight: 172lbs

Neck: 15 Inches

Waist: 34 Inches

Foot size: 11

Blood Type: AB+

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Race: Caucasian

Build: Medium

Identifying marks: Scarring on right hand

Any medical aliments to report? No

If listed yes please report why in a brief explanation otherwise leave n/a:

Any allergies: No

Any mental aliments: No

Any other aliments: No

In Service Wounds: N/A

In Service Information

Current Rank: Sergeant (SGT)

Time in Service: 3 years.

Time in Rank: 7 months.

Registration Number: 132-13-21

In Active Service: Yes

Position: Bravo Squad Leader

> Log out

Logging Out, goodbye *****.

> Shut Down

Shutting Down...

"It's not about changing the world, it's about leaving it the way it is. To respect the will of others, and to believe in your own." - Storm

Present: Who Am I?

I sit here, on this bed, finally having a chance to think to myself, as we wait to answer this distress call. I wonder who I really am, and what I'm really doing. I've killed innocent lives on the line of duty to ensure the right thing is done. But is it always the right thing? In this age, this time, we've overcame many obstacles that we faced as soon as we exited the water and became who we are today. I'm always told I'm making a difference with my job, helping humanity strive, doing my bit. But change isn't always a good thing. We invented guns, to protect us. But those guns are used against ourselves, other humans around us. My hands, they are used for no purpose than to do my job. I was meant to be the light, fighting away the dark, and evil from innocent people and families. But where have I got to now? Finally having this chance to think to myself, to think of what I really am, really proves a few things to me. But the most important thing to me, is ensuring the next batch of soldiers in Bravo survive. It's such a bad feeling, having to tell the families of the people who I let die in my squad that they've passed. Countless times, it should've been me who was the one to go.

Our current destination is to a distress signal we stumbled upon. Our orders? To sit tight and await the next orders we may get. Whilst we're flying to the distress signal, I have the objective of forming Bravo once more, to replace the soldiers I had back then. I'm not sure if I can do this, but I have no other choice. I need to make sure my squad is properly informed, and know the basic tactics and all. The one thing I'm going to make sure, is that this squad gets to go home to see their families after. I will make sure they survive. I'll make sure the people at the distress call, if any, know that the best, is coming.

Past: Future Imperfect

I was born on Earth. I had my mother and father looking after me when I was young. It was hard as a child, as you would hear stories about the vast unknown overhead, and even the wars going on in your own land. Recruitment posters here and there influencing you to join the 'good' fight. You had many people disappearing, joining up with the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces. My father was a ex-SCAF soldier. He used to tell me stories about his line of duty, and how he was saving humanity side by side with fellow soldiers. He also told me, how the first trip to space changes you, it makes you think differently. It makes you think, that we all started on Earth, but now, are expanding to areas beyond Earth. Any way, all that past. I grew up, done good in school, had a bit of friends. I was like the normal kids, and hell, I'd admit it, I even got into a relationship when I was young. Nothing really serious, though. We broke up a year after, as her mother went and joined S.C.A.F, and she had never acted the same. It was so long ago, then, but my life changed drastically when I grew up wanting to be just like my father. All his ramblings about doing my time for the better and doing my part finally got to me. I was 24, became a Security Guard and finally got to see space. It was amazing, a endless vast of, well, space. I worked at a spaceship, and we travelled far and wide. It wasn't actually that bad, we were one of the lucky ones that weren't jumped. We were careful, or were just lucky as hell. Any way, about a year passes and I quit the job, was too bland, and I was getting nothing done. I went back to see my family, before heading off to the big game, SCAF. I wanted to make my father and mother proud, make them look up and know I'm doing the right thing. And the first thing I found out when I arrived at the base, is that these people don't wait for attacks like I did as a Security Guard, no, they head there. And so, my career as a soldier started.

Past: The 'Good' Fight

Unitology, quite an interesting concept of a 'religion'. It's one of the first things we were taught. So basically, they believe in some weird alien type beyond us. We're taught about them as they usually use acts of terrorism to get their points across. These were the people we were looking out most for. Other than that, nothing really was done. I served for a couple of years, and soon was promoted to Sergeant, and got to lead my own squad, Bravo squad. There were a bunch of soldiers, who were experienced. They had a leader before who retired as the job wasn't for him. I spent a year serving with these men, until.. A Unitologist was on the ship we were clearing after it had a distress signal, and a Unitologist just ran up and blew himself up there. It wiped out my whole squad, we didn't expect it. I survived along with another man who retired soon after. Another, was on the floor, his limbs blown to bits. I had to end it myself. But it was for the better good. I only survived by being behind one of my other men, him taking the shrapnel from the blast. I broke my arm too from the shock wave. And well, it all ends up to this. I was the last one of my squad still in service, and now, I'm heading to this distress signal from a ship, preparing. It's time to rebuild Bravo, to continue the Bravo Legacy. And I'm more ready to do this, than ever.

I'm ready.

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PostSubject: Re: The Bravo Legacy   Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:17 am

Updated - Added two new bits of story and completed the backstory. I'll not be updating it most likely.
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The Bravo Legacy
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