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 ::> CEC Employee Database :: Arthur Maxson

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PostSubject: ::> CEC Employee Database :: Arthur Maxson   Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:32 pm

Welcome to the Concordance Extraction Corporation Employee database.

Login Required:

Username: ******

Password: ***********



Access Granted!

Please type request below:

Search: Arthur Maxson

Processing request...



Search Complete!

Accessing Employee Data now:


For Authorized eyes only. Unauthorized tampering will result in prosecution by CEC Security Officers.

Personal Information

Image of Subject: Error. Contact a supervisor for assistance.

Given Name: Arthur

Middle Name(s): Claiborne

Sirname: Maxson

Age: 31

Father: John Maxson

Mother: Veronica Maxson

Siblings: None

Past Employment: New Horizons, Luna - Lunar Police(7 Years); CEC Corporate Security(6 Years)

Medical Information

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 156lbs

Neck: 14 Inches

Waist: 32 Inches

Foot size: 12

Blood Type: O+

Eye color: Dark Blue

Hair color: Chestnut

Race: White/Caucasian

Build: Average

Psychological Evaluation: null

Any medical aliments to report? None

If listed yes please report why in a brief explanation otherwise leave n/a:

Any allergies: None

Any mental aliments: None

Any other aliments: None

Employment Information

Error. It appears as though this subject is not an employee of CEC anymore.

> Log out

Logging You Out.

> Shut Down

Shutting Down...
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::> CEC Employee Database :: Arthur Maxson
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