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 Kate Johnson

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PostSubject: Kate Johnson   Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:14 am

"Reach for the stars." Her parents always told her, as they stare up at the beautiful stretch of stars shining from far away places. By that time, she was 13. She was still receiving education, and had a healthy lifestyle with her parents. She was, in perspective, one of the most average kids at school. Her mother had left for the S.C.A.F when she turned 14, and had left her with her father. After her mother left, she would always take an hour near midnight to just look up at the stars, and just stare, thinking about her mother. Life without her was hard, as her father wasn't exactly the mother figure she needed. She grew up around his poor cooking, and he would usually play some games of baseball with her. She didn't enjoy it at first, but soon after, she started to get into it. She would see most other girls usually ignoring their mothers, and she was disgusted. Why would they ignore their mother when others don't even have one? Questions rushed her head, and she never came to understand. She taught herself that life was usually harsh, and you should always endure the things you have already, as you never know, they could be gone tomorrow. She would usually receive and send letters to her mothers, and those letters she cherished, and read every word with understanding. She never acted as similar to the other girls, with all their make-up and relationships. She was usually targeted because of that, called a nobody. That didn't bother her, though.

When she was 22, close to 23, she saw applications for a role of Security aboard a ship. With the phrase "Reach for the stars.", planted in her mind, and a thought to be able to follow her mother, she went for it. She thanked her father, and also wanted to prove to him that she can make it on her own, as he would worry about her a lot. She set out, finally perusing a career which actually sounded fun to her. A bright future ahead of her. Or was it so bright after all?
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Kate Johnson
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