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 Miranda Porter

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Miranda Porter

Miranda Porter

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PostSubject: Miranda Porter   Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:56 am

Name: Miranda Porter
Age: 23
Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Bright hazel
Weight: 176 lbs
Height: 5'7

Father: Martin Porter
Mother: Samantha Porter
Brothers: Henry Porter
Sisters: Kiera Porter
Martial Status: Single
Partner: N/A
Next of Kin: N/A

Miranda was born into the Porter family, a middle class family. Her father, Martin, was a medical doctor whom Miranda used spend a lot of time with when she was young. Her mother, Samantha was unemployed, and decided to stay at home with the family instead. She is a shy, but lovable person and gets on well with most. She is over-all friendly and happy person. While her brother Henry went off to join the military, Kiera and Miranda had a great relationship, growing to help each other etc. Miranda attended college, studying medical science and psychology. She was always pretty looking, and usually had one or two boys clinging off her during her school years. When she noticed that some men idolized her (Little extreme word to use,!) she decided to have this some sort of skill (don't know what to say...) and put it to use. She spent three weeks with a rather large group, who would take pictures of the person, and hopefully end them up in some big-shot magazine. It was though this, she met her first best friend, Nicola. During a end of year party, both had a little too much to drink, and out of sheer randomness, Nicola kissed Miranda. While thoughts were running though her head, she had a moment where she enjoyed it. After that, Miranda then went back to return another kiss, to where Nicola strangely accepted again, Miranda thinking it was just the alcohol kicking in, but she was wrong. One thing lead to another and they both ended up in the bed. It was from then on, Miranda enjoyed both genders, but is afraid to let people know, due to being judged as a freak or something alike. While her social life was great, her educational one was dropping. She had lost a few marks in college, and was stressed when she learned the death of her father. She did the extreme thing, thinking that perhaps cutting her self, would release such stressful times. It psychologically helped her, but she still looked a mess. It wasn't till she had met a man, Daniel, that she turned out for the worse. He was an abusive person, often taking out his anger on Miranda, blaming things on Miranda, making Miranda feel miserable. She went too far with her cutting habit, that she ended up hospitalized for several days, due to loss of blood. While she was on the hospital bed, she believed she saw her father, telling her to forget about all the hurtful things and alike that had happened, and to do her best with her studies. She believed she was going insane, but she relised it must've been a 'Near-death experience.' (Yeah...silly, but...fitting?) After hearing this, she promised herself, she would try her best at college, and graduate with honors marks. Eventually, she did as she promised, and earned her Ph.D in psychology and general medical. When she had earned it, she applied to work a-board the UCF  Singularity. She had been accepted to work on it, and is currently awaiting interview with the ship's Commander, Cmdr. Nathan Colbert. While she is waiting for the interview, she had taking a slight interest in the Commander herself, seeing him as being a friendly and nice sort of bloke. But she does fear, he may already be taken. (Fingers crossed - hope not... :3) at the same time, she is too shy to ask and too shy over all. She is still getting to know the vessel's crew and is still learning her way around it at the same time. (Add more as time progresses, or if I get l my brain to work again..)
(Oh and, the whole serial-killer/black widower thing. Not true..on this RP mode. Could change, if pushed overboard by someone or something happening. And I advise you, not to even attempt to do that. Happened to a past boyfriend, got beheaded because I dated him, while dating my physco GF. But, no worries...she won't kill you, she'd torture you for free. *Female demonic giggle*Smile Also, sorry if this is a bit...lengthy, it just sorta flowed outta' me whilst typing it.Razz )

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Daniel Higgins
Daniel Higgins

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PostSubject: Re: Miranda Porter   Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:58 pm

Consider it locked.

Also the non-related posts will be deleted also.


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Miranda Porter
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