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 Robert Reiter - Planetary Geologist

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Dr. Pealz
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PostSubject: Robert Reiter - Planetary Geologist   Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:08 am

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Username: **********

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Access Granted

> Access Sovereign Colonies Research Division private files and log entries

Searching files...

> Accessing Robert Reiter...

> Access granted

> Displaying Greeting Message:

Welcome back, Doctor Robert Reiter Ph.D!

> Loading Private Log Entries...

----Private Log Entries----

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>Entry 1
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>Accessing File: Entry 1

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Log Entry One:
Sovereign Colonies Research Division personal health protocols dictate me to write these logs to help me retain a healthy state of mind during longer expeditions. Nonsense, I say, but instructions are instructions, so I might aswell do something with the superflous time inbetween studies and analysing scan reports. I am still furious that the Research Division granted this imbecile Yamamoto the assignment I was requesting for months now. Yes, they aknowledged my conclusive resumption that the Epsilon Groombridge System holds a high amount of ressources, the maximum likelihood I pointed out, but instead of me, Doctor Yamamoto and his research team are going to be the ones getting the renown for it.
I suspect the disreputable bastard somehow managed to whore himself out again. All I can do is hoping that my dear colleague gets what is coming to him eventually.

On the bright side, I've finaly received information on the next vessel, and how much time I have left for assembling a science team able to fulfill the assigned task. Naturaly, I could do most of the required work on my own, but again, instructions. Besides that, I would never turn a helping hand down, and though I have the ability to do the majority of the job alone, a team by my side will most likely take a weight off my shoulders.
I already have one member in the team: Doctor Soffa Williams, a Xenobiologist. I gather the Research Division is still searching for bacteria or hoping to stumble upon other, less primitive extraterrestrial life. I have yet to meet her personaly, but I do not doubt we'll get along.

I also ran a quick check on the Captain of the vessel, the CMS Icarus, and I am relieved to say that he is not reputed to be a daredevil like Captain Mayson, to which I was unliky enough to make the acquaintance on my last expedition. The lunatic almost turned the entire vessel into a giant wreck while he tried to maneuver it through the asteorid belt near the GJ 1245 system, justifying it with his unjustified fear of EarthGov spies.

Nevertheless, I am going to end the entry now. I still have an elusively huge amount of paperwork to do.

This is Doctor Robert Reiter, end of Entry one.

> End of File: Entry 1

> Log out...

> User logged out
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Robert Reiter - Planetary Geologist
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