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 Dead Space: Shattered

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PostSubject: Dead Space: Shattered   Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:32 pm

The transmittion echoed trough the halls "Security to, Sector C." it was bouncing off the walls, blood coverd the walls and floor, in the cargo deck a man was sitting it all looked hopeless to him, out of the dark a voice was heard, it was from his suit radio. "Team one, Team two .... Anyone!" the man lifted his hand to the suit radio, with his index finger he pressed down the button activating it.

"Corporal Colbert here, heavy causalties ... Requesting backup, over." It took a few seconds before the voice awnserd "Corporal, there's no one left." The Corporal removed his index finger thinking to himself before pressing the button down again "No one, ma'am?" the woman awnserd with a quiet tone "Affirmative." The Corporal shaked his head as the voice continued "Listen, you need to get to Sector B t-" she was interuped by the Corporal, now speaking very loud in the radio "Sector B, why the research lab?" She stopped
for a few seconds before replying "There's no time, you gotta go!" The Corporal reached to his left grabing the object, then he reached for the Pulse rifle to his right.

"Do you still have it?" The Corporal pressed the button again "It's here, over." the woman then stopped for a few seconds before speaking "Good."

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Dead Space: Shattered
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