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 Character Permission Request: John Roland

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PostSubject: Character Permission Request: John Roland   Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:46 am

Steam Name: Outlander

Requested Permission: For John to have Nyctophilia. (Preference to the darkness or night, finding relaxation and comfort in the darkness)

IC Reason: John, growing up, always was in an environment where it was mostly dark. He grew up in a town on Earth, where electricity was scarce, and had to of been used coordinately. The reason for this, was due to the lack of workers, as they had all signed up for jobs among the stars. He gotten used to the mostly dark environment, as it would begin to get dark when he left school, but he'll still go out. This is where he got used to the dark, but not prefer the dark.

Soon after John signed up with the SCAF, he was fighting, and most of these times in broad daylight. Only sometimes in darkness. When fighting in daylight, his fellow soldiers were sniped from the distance, and only John and two others made it back from the fireteam. John, since that traumatic time, had preferred more darker areas, as he felt concealed, and safer. When fighting in the dark, he feels safer than being in broad daylight.

This doesn't mean he doesn't have fear of things in the dark, concerning the recent events. He prefers the dark over light, but would have a tougher time being a man with Nyctophilia.

OOC Reason: I have never had a character with any sort of philia/phobia, and would like to experience having a character with one. So when thinking about which philia/phobia to take, I thought of one that would be most useful, and so, I chose Nyctophilia. I, of course, will not abuse such a position, as he's only fine with the dark, not monsters.

Other Notes: I am requesting this as a permission due to the big overhaul change of my character. This would be changing my character, taking one big fear aspect out of him, that being whenever darkness surrounds him.

Also, I did not know where to put this, so apologies if this is the wrong place.

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Character Permission Request: John Roland   Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:39 am



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Character Permission Request: John Roland
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