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 ::> S.C.A.F Personnel Files - Damien Callus Voss

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PostSubject: ::> S.C.A.F Personnel Files - Damien Callus Voss   Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:06 am

------ Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces Database ------

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Access Granted. Logged in as  *********.

>Access S.C.A.F Personnel files.

Searching files...

> Robert William
> Lt. Daniel Winters
> Sgt. Oswald Jones
> Sgt. John Ronald
>Damien Voss
>Lyle Parker
>Brittney North
>Joe David
>Aleksander Ramirez
>Rick Johnson
>Thomas Crowford
>Lilith Croft
>Daniel Croft
>Chloe Miller
> ......

>Accessing Damien Voss.

> Access Granted.

------Personnel File: Damien Callus Voss. --------
Personal Information:
First name: Damien

Middle name: Callus

Surname: Voss

Age: 42

Facial description: Long black hair. Green eyes. Stubble. No-give out features of importance.

Image of Subject:  

Medical Information:
Height: 6'6

Weight: 81.3 Kg - 179 lbs

Foot size: 11

Blood type: B+

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Black

Race: White

Build: Athletic

Medical Conditions: Asthma

Mental Conditions: None

Allergies: None

In-Service information
Current Rank: Private

Time in service: N/A

Time in current rank: N/A

In Active-service: Yes

Previous Service records: British Navy - 4 years of service
                                            British Royal Marines- 3 years of service - honourable discharge

Position: Un-assigned Rifleman

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::> S.C.A.F Personnel Files - Damien Callus Voss
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